6. Specific Garment Types

Click on these links to go to sections on :
Jackets, coats
Vests (gilets/ waistcoats)

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These are posts on JACKETS, COATS

Fashion parka
Lots of ease and big pockets
More parkas

Notched collar blazer
Turned up collar
Shawl collar blazer
Winter capsule – blazer

Jackets – cascade, revers, asymmetric
New jacket patterns, soft and shapely
Peplum jacket
Avant-garde shapes
Summer jacket – long straight

Summer jacket – kimono

Many jacket styles for a core wardrobe
Change style by changing jacket

Sources of jacket sewing advice
Easy Jackets – blog with links to unstructured jacket patterns, and to jacket tutorials (in left menu)

Here are my pinterest boards showing the style elements used in :
Jackets / vests / coats

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These are posts on VESTS (gilets/ waistcoats)

Vests for winter 2010
Warm vests

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These are posts on TOPS

Stylish fleeces and hoodies
Fleeces and hoodies
Basic comfort styles – pyjamas for loungewear

Oversized tops
The perfect shirt

Knit tops sewalongs
Shirts with band collar sewalongs

Hooked flare – brief

Here are my pinterest boards showing the style elements used in :
Smocks with yokes

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These are posts on BOTTOMS

Pants/ trousers :
Different pant styles
Pant style and body shape
Pant patterns and body shape

Designer elastic-waist pants
Pyjama pants

Pants/ trousers, jeans, sweat pants – sewalongs

Here are my pinterest boards showing the style elements used in :
Pants / trousers
Jumpsuits (only patterns with sleeves and waist seams)

Skirts :
6-gore skirt
Balloon skirt
Skirt styles
Skirts – written sewalongs – many styles
Skirts – video sewalongs – mainly elastic-waist and pencil skirts, also links to lists of free skirt patterns

Here’s my pinterest board showing skirt style elements :

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These are posts on DRESSES

Two-piece dresses

Dungaree dress / overall jumper


Drapes and swathes
Drapey angles and balloons

The silhouettes of dresses are in this pinterest board :
Necklines and sleeves are in this pinterest board :

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These are posts on ACCESSORIES

Nancy Nix-Rice – basic accessory wardrobe
Accessory styles

Scarf wearing

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