4. Wardrobe plans

Click these links for groups of posts on :

Your personal wardrobe plan
Wardrobe building plans from specific people
– Nancy Nix-Rice
– Janice of The Vivienne Files
– Eileen Fisher
Other specific wardrobe plans

See Index page 5 for posts with tips about co-ordination of styles.

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Personal basic wardrobe plan
Build your wardrobe in small groups – capsules, outfits

My e-book on wardrobe planning.pdf contains those posts.

See Index page 5 for posts suggesting specific capsules which can be used as a basis for wardrobe building.

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Wardrobe building plans from specific people
which I’ve written more than one post on

Links to posts on NANCY NIX-RICE : carefully chosen wardrobe :

Core neutrals, personalising colour and style
Adding colour and print
More thoughts
Two-piece dresses

Links to posts on THE VIVIENNE FILES :

Wardrobe of relaxed basics
Variations of the relaxed wardrobe

Common wardrobe as background to accessories

Starting from Scratch wardrobe plan

Links to posts on Wardrobes in EILEEN FISHER style :

Copy the season’s capsule
Update your capsule
Building and personalising a capsule

Casual chic festive wear – tops
Casual chic festive wear – dresses, wardrobe

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The power of the boring
Good wardrobe patterns for a core wardrobe

Classic style
My reactions to classics – sections on patterns and techniques
‘Dressmaking’ book – classic styles

Kate Mathews’ wardrobe plans
Tunic wardrobe
The dreaded black blazer

Wardrobe based on the Sew Over It patterns city-break capsule, 2016

Sewing Workshop layering wardrobe
My ideal SWAP wardrobe 2009

Classics s/s 2011 – shirt, dress, skirt, pants
Classics s/s 2011 – jacket, accessories
Classics winter 2010 – skirt, dress, pants, shirt
Classics winter 2010 – vest, blazer, coat
Trendy autumn capsule 2012 – expands to wardrobe at end

Wardrobe plan October 2009
Wardrobe plan November 2009

My favourite books – Style and wardrobe

See Index page 3 for posts on wardrobe pattern books.

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