Pantone Sketches Fall 2010 : Cynthia Steffe

Fashion often involves only small changes.
I’m enjoying looking at the styles in the Pantone Fall 2010 Trends report (which I got through SEWNmagazine, but can’t find on the Pantone site).

And it’s interesting to see how many of the styles are easy to copy with existing patterns.

Here’s one that’s straightforward.

Cynthia Steffe in Pantone Fall Trends Report 2010

This is an outfit that a lot of people round here might wear.

Copy this big collared ‘duffle’ by making a large version of McCall’s 5981.


Perhaps the collar is doubled or there’s a big hood.
Make this pattern larger, and thigh length, with big cuffs, and curve the pockets.

Very Loose Fit has more than 10 inches/ 25 cm of ease in the bust area for jackets, or more than 12 inches/ 30 cm ease for coats. (See Vogue Ease table).

This Burda 7750 pattern may be already be large enough (go to the site and search for 7750).


Check the ease. Make it straight and add the curved patch pockets.

Or a starting point for the whole outfit might be Butterick wardrobe 5335.


Again lengthen the jacket, and add cuffs. Swap the front seams with in-seam pockets for added curved patch pockets. Perhaps a zip front instead of snap closures.
Wide knit stripes for the top are ‘in’ this summer too.
Echo the big ruffled collar by gathering the hem of the skirt, see my balloon skirt post.

If you like that puffy collar but prefer a more fitted jacket, how about McCall’s 5758 (left), or Marcy Tilton Vogue 8600 (right) which has an optional hood.


These fitted jackets have a very different style effect and, to my quiet tastes, they would look good with slim pants but would be a bit much combined with a balloon skirt 😀

And of course, if you’re interested in this designer, you haven’t got to rip-off their clothes at all. There’s a selection of Cynthia Steffe patterns available from Vogue. I think a couple of those dresses would go well under this ‘duffle’ coat.

If you’d like to see more Cynthia Steffe designs, here are their collections at

The first photo in the Fall 2010 collection is one of the big jackets with a hood and bellows pockets. Then there are a lot of shift dresses and jumpers (American jumpers. . . well actually there are some English jumpers too. . .), plus the band collars, big vests, short capes, and cropped jackets there are so many of next season.

And here is the Cynthia Steffe company site, which has the same collection photos.

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Patterns and links available May 2010

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