1b. Your sewing style

These are links to posts on your sewing, fitting, planning, learning styles.

Your sewing style – how and what you like to sew :

Sewing style
Sewing style relates to personal style – final section

Improving sewing success

Some grumps

Several of my posts on quickly sewn patterns (Index page 8) include comments on our differences in what we find quick to sew.

Your attitude to sewing

Clothing values
The value of sewing
Hobby sewing isn’t like RTW
A gift question – brief

Your fitting style

How do you like to do your fitting ?

Several of my posts on fitting (Index page 2) include many methods to choose between.

Your planning style

Do you love to make and follow plans ? or do you prefer to go as the spirit moves ?

Not making plans for 2011
Not making plans for 2012

I love to make plans, and may make several a day. I need to make a detailed plan before I feel secure enough to start. But once I do start, I don’t follow the plan as I keep having new ideas. . . In 2013 I’m not apologising for not following plans 😀

Your learning style

What helps you learn ?

See Index page 8 for posts on learning to sew.

See blog right hand menu for links to support for learning :
– DVDs,
– on-line video demos,
– on-line written tutorials with photos.

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Links to other pages of this index are at top of right hand menu.

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