1. Personal Clothing Style

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Specific styles
Finding your own clothing style
Jacket style alternatives

My Pinterest Boards

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These are posts on SPECIFIC STYLES :

Modern personal styles

Classic style
My reactions to classic style
‘Dressmaking’ book – classic styles

Art-to-wear : combine fabrics, embellish

Basic comfort styles – pyjamas for loungewear
Relaxed but more style than pyjamas

Retro style 40s, 80s
An outfit which combines contrasts

Several posts on other topics include discussions of personalised versions :
Change style by changing jacket
Notched collar jacket design details
Pant styles
Variations on Nancy Nix-Rices’s wardrobe
Variations on a summer capsule
Variations on 2-piece dresses
Variations on a casual wardrobe from The Vivienne Files

Many of my posts on Trends (Index page 7) include a choice of styles.

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Finding your style :
1. using style categories.
2. on-line style advisors.
3. exploring styles.
4. trying on clothes.

Do any of these words describe how you like to look :
classic, competent, powerful, elegant chic, feminine, vintage, alluring, rebellious, creative, dramatic, relaxed, sporty, friendly.
Your personal combination of styles may be nothing like any of the ones mentioned by stylists 😀

Personal style questions – specifics
Core style questions – general
More style questions – second half

Here’s a general post on the style elements included in clothes design :
Style elements.
Our style means we like some style elements in clothes rather than others.
I now have some pinterest boards for style elements.
Jackets / coats
Blouses / shirts
Yokes / smocks
Pants / trousers
Skirts / dresses

Weekend-Web-Wandering – links on personal style
Strong colour
Improving sewing success – brief section on personal style

So many choices
Clothing values
Happiest clothes

Do you still buy many patterns ?

Focus on accessories rather than clothes – final section
Accessories styles
Where do you like your outfit variety

Your personal basic wardrobe plan

Adapting a classic wardrobe plan to your own style

Advice to ignore
More advice to ignore
Mixed messages from designers
What if you don’t agree with the fashion magazines ?

Favourite books – style and wardrobe

Make a collage of favourite items/ clothes/ patterns, to use as an anchor when making choices.

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Which style of jacket do you enjoy wearing ? – a strong clue to your personal style.

Change style by changing jacket
Notched collar jacket design details
New blazer patterns 2013
Jackets – cascade, revers, asymmetric
New jacket patterns, soft and shapely
Peplum jacket
Very loose fitting casual styles
Avant-garde shapes

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  2. Dawn Says:

    My name is Dawn and I am fashion and sewing enthusiast. I have enjoyed reading your sites blogs. I have recently launched a small sewing pattern business called the Vintage Sewing Pattern Company. We specialise in building our catalogue of vintage patterns and helping dress makers of all abilities re-create these designs. I would be very grateful if you could include a link to my site under your Pattern Links menu.

    Thanks in anticipation. Please contact me if I can be of any help to you.

    Happy Christmas
    Dawn Hazel

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