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Ornate coat

June 7, 2022

Some styles worn by performers at the Queen’s Jubilee concert on Saturday.

I’m always intrigued that many current ‘pop’ performers wear versions of a blazer, which I don’t consider a casual style at all !

pop blazer

There were also many very wide pants, though they do have to be worn with a very small top, and they make even dancers’ rears look large. But perhaps that was the intention. There were many different social and cultural attitudes on display, as there are now in our society. Very different to when the Queen came to the throne in the early 50s. And she manages to smile at everyone.

My main garment love was the stunning coat worn by the opening performer, Adam Lambert singing Freddie Mercury hits with band Queen.

ornate coat

Obviously a designer item. I’m delighted to know that both the design and making skills are still available.

Though of course the Queen taking tea with Paddington Bear stays most in the mind. We don’t often see her being light-hearted 😀

Ten years ago, for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, she was collected from Buckingham Palace by James Bond, and she (a lookalike) abseiled down from a helicopter to the stadium.

Good Fortune and Blessings to her !

P.S. The coat is by Dolce & Gabbana.

And the poor little royals have already learned not even to wriggle, let alone jump up and dance or run around, when in public.

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