The fashion sweatshirt – Sports Luxe’s “Top 10 Must Haves for Fall 2011” include a ‘novelty sweatshirt’.

Jason Wu, with black lace down the sleeves. photo

I thought “oh, dear – there’s an idea that’s open to mis-interpretation, that can encourage a lot of slurpy outfits”. Poor Tim Gunn, valiantly trying to get people out of wearing sweatshirts and flip-flops.

Then UK Elle December 2011 issue published some photos. Which make it clear the idea is not to be well dressed and comfortable while active. The aim is to look very fashionable, and as if what you are wearing could not possibly have been made in a sweat shop using the cheapest materials and quickest techniques. Nothing to do with being comfortable, either physically or socially.

Here are the extremes, wearable to a big city high-concept occasion perhaps.

UK Elle December 2011

(That beaded upper section in the lower right photo is a separate garment.)

Well, ignore the over-styling and don’t look at the shoes.

Vivienne Westwood

Then you can see the rest are actually sporty classics, just made in current shines, sheers, and leather.

UK Elle December 2011

(Lower right those are leather bra and sequin and lace shorts.)

– – –

So, if you do want to be comfortable and active in your sweatshirt, but still look as if a designer was involved at some stage, here are some possible patterns.

Of course, there are huge numbers of fitted designer T-shirt patterns. These are some for looser tees and sweats. Suggestions for fleeces and hoodies later. (Lots of patterns for yoga/ sweat pants too, but I’m ignoring them as I’ve always hated that style for some reason.)

– – –

Hot Patterns Weekender Chilled-Out Sweat Suit.

Hot Patterns Plain and Simple Relaxed T Shirts.


Hot Patterns Plain and Simple Rib Trim Sweaters.


Hot Patterns Metropolitan Sweaters.


Christine Johnson Travel Trio Two top.


Christine Johnson Three Tees.


Loes Hinse Boat Neck top.


Loes Hinse Cowl top.


Sewing Workshop Hudson top.


StyleARC Bali Bindi Tunic.


– – –

Want something a little more girly ? have a look at more of the Hot Patterns tops.

Even Chanel is showing a ‘polo’ top this season.

Chanel ad

For extreme Sports Luxe you can get skis with the Chanel logo for $4000. If you don’t want to go that far, copy the polo top by widening the placket and collar on Jalie 2562.


– – –

Black, white, grey, tan – Hmmm

Bright colour blocking, and multi-print combinations are also high trend !
The colours available here in sweatshirt fleece are fairly conventional, but there are more interesting colours and fun prints in fleece, and I’m planning a post on patterns for fleeces and hoodies.

Use high quality fabrics and enjoy feeling and looking both relaxed and active.

Or, if this style makes you less than enthusiastic, Imogen Lamport suggests you wear a dress every day in December 😀

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Patterns and links available December 2011

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  1. Bela Saudade Says:

    Sports luxe has always been my preferred style (I didn’t know it had a name lol). As much as I love ruffles and fancy dresses on other people, I move around a lot and always gravitate towards comfort and layers like dancers between practice sessions. I think I watched too much “Fame” growing up. I love the “luxe” inclusion, because it is a great way to do dressy casual. Thank goodness for sewing machines and fine fabrics. My 2012 resolution is to only buy the very best fabrics and stick with a few basic patterns. Your site is an inspiration for “Zen” sewing in that way. Thanks!

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