e-book – pattern blocks

Personal pattern blccks
Here’s an e-book which combines the main posts on getting well fitting personal blocks.

[2019 – this was written in 2013. As I now have good personal blocks this is not an active topic for me, so I have not updated this with methods that have appeared in the last few years, or checked the links.]

e-Book on Personal basic pattern making blocks.pdf

No need to draft your personally fitted pattern blocks from scratch if you don’t want to. This e-book is a survey of the many methods for getting well fitting basic pattern blocks.
It doesn’t describe any of the methods in detail.
Or how to do the pattern altering to change the blocks to make new styles.

It’s based on these posts :

Introduction – from Favourite books – pattern altering
Pattern making – the formal route
Pattern making – easier fitting shells
Aids to well fitting blocks

These posts overlap a bit so I’ve combined and edited, and updated my opinions 😀

Altering patterns to make new styles
See section on main page about pattern making.

This is a download e-book in .pdf form for printing out, not for an electronic reader.
e-book formatted for US letter paper, but prints on A4 too.

Of course the links only work when the pdf is viewed while on-line, but they do work from Adobe Reader.

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5 Comments on “e-book – pattern blocks”

  1. Joy Says:

    I have a set of rulers that I purchased about 30 years ago when I took some evening courses. They are Eleganza and over the years I lost my information on using them. I have been looking for information regarding these rulers but am having no luck. Have you heard of these?

  2. Gelo Says:

    Hi. Would you have a working link on the PDF compilation? I can’t seem to access it! Thank you very much! Your site has been very helpful!

  3. […] her she has a free ebook summarising some of her best posts on the topic of getting basic blocks to fit you […]

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