Hooked flare

There are many patterns for tops with a hooked shape to the side seam. Here’s the latest, McCall’s 6398.


A type of flare which swirls marvellously as you walk. And plenty of room for larger hips. But I’m not convinced it’s good for the large of hip, as it does draw attention to them !

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My new iMac has a beautiful screen, and I’ve been happily watching webcasts and web videos.  It took me some considerable battles with automated systems before I could get the update to the latest OS.  But thankfully that now seems to have settled down.  So I’ve calmed down and can explore the fancy new facilities.  Next week for learning a bit about the new word processor. . .

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4 Comments on “Hooked flare”

  1. Helen Says:

    It’s too much extra bulk around the hips, IMHO.

  2. Marie Says:

    I loved the look of this until I made it! Uggg……..

  3. sewingplums Says:

    Good points Helen and Marie !

    I have seen this shape looking attractive :
    – dress length on a slim person.
    – high hip length on a larger person shaped rectangle-with-noticeable-but-not-over-defined-waist.

    When it looks right it’s very eye-catching !

  4. Oh, that remark is just what I was looking for–I have a rectangular frame and am fat (mostly carried in front). I might try one of these on in the stores before I decide to try sewing one.

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