2. Body Shape, Fit

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– Fit
– Specific body shapes
– Flattering your body shape

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These are posts on FIT

(Here’s a post by Brooks Ann Camper, who makes custom wedding dresses, and has never learned either pattern making or clothes construction by the conventional routes. She teaches making personalised clothes directly rather than by adapting an average pattern.
Here’s her list of on-line classes – which have rich materials and much personal help.)

Patterns can’t fit everyone

How do you like to do your fitting ?

Blocks or slopers ?

Pant style and body shape
Pant patterns and body shape
Fabric wedges below the waist

Note on the FBA
Up-down-sideways movement of pattern pieces.

Getting to know my sizes

Ease levels
Personal ease for tops
First thoughts on TNTs

Fitting my own dartless pullover
Fitting my own raglan tee

Pattern making – the formal route
Easier fitting shells
Aids to well fitting blocks
Pattern making software

Favourite books – fit (and pattern drafting)

See also my e-book on pattern making blocks.

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These are posts on SPECIFIC BODY SHAPES

Nine body shapes
Nine body shapes : research details

Snippet on ‘apple’ body shape – see also Oval and Diamond in the ‘9 body shapes’ posts just mentioned


Choosing necklines
‘Fit to Flatter’ by Amy Herzog
Pant style and body shape

The “Lucky” magazine shopping manual – the wrong advice for the pear-shaped

Personal croquis
Change rectangle shape patterns to other body shapes

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2 Comments on “2. Body Shape, Fit”

  1. Kai Jones Says:

    So glad your blog is still up, even though you only rarely add new material. My body has changed (menopause) and I’ve gone through your posts to review; pulled out my copy of Larkey’s “Flatter Your Figure” and figured out why my old clothes don’t look right on me now!

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