Copy the Season’s Capsule

Perhaps it’s an infringement of copyright to show how to knock off designer clothes ! Well, in the spirit that copying is a compliment :

Here’s the link to Eileen Fisher’s ‘system’ for the spring/ summer 2010 season. Later I give some links to J Crew. I’m not in the US so don’t know these companies. But their style looks the relaxed side of ‘current’.

The Eileen Fisher ‘system’ is based around a ‘Core Four’ capsule wardrobe of skirt, pants, top, and jacket.

– – –

Basic straight skirt :

Skirt as in this McCall’s 3830 version, a good candidate for a TNT pattern, which can be made any length. The ‘system’ has a short skirt, but I think longer versions would work equally well with the top and jacket.


– – –

Basic slim pants :

There’s a very slim pant in this McCall’s 6043 suit. Though the jacket pattern I’ve picked includes much wider legged pants if you prefer them.


– – –

Tucked top :

Make this Butterick 5439 dress in the sleeveless version and at top length. With shorter tucks to mimic the ‘system’ look. Or as in the pattern to avoid looking pregnant. In the pattern there are different numbers of tucks and sleeve options too.


J Crew tops styles opt more for ruffles this season. A stand-up ruffle (not a floppy flounce) round a favourite V-neck would go well with the cascade jacket. And look at McCall’s tops for patterns like the other J Crew ruffled styles.

– – –

Soft cardigan jacket :

Not the popular Simplicity 2603 version, which is long enough to wrap in many different ways.


The cascade jacket in the Eileen Fisher ‘system’ has a shorter drape front, like the jacket from this Butterick 5472 wardrobe. So it could be made in fabric with a bit more body than the Simplicity. Make it single layer, unlined and without facings, for a softer effect.


J Crew mainly uses a classic convertible collar jean/ safari jacket (jackets page). Good with ruffled or flounced tops for this season’s ‘combining-opposites’ look. This pairing makes another possible capsule of the season (feature picture on the J Crew jackets page).

When J Crew design a cascade jacket they round off the corners, and make it in suede.

– – –

All the garments in the original Eileen Fisher ‘system’ are in knits. But I’ve chosen mostly patterns for wovens, as they work better for me.

The styles are quite simple, and easy to make. The designer look comes from quality of fabric and quality of construction (as well as good fit of course).

A cascade jacket over tucked top and pants is an attractive capsule I’d be happy to wear for a wide variety of occasions. (A outift of jean or safari jacket over a flouncy top would not be so much my style.) And if I made the capsule myself I wouldn’t have to wear those drab colours 😀

– – –

Patterns and links available February 2010

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4 Comments on “Copy the Season’s Capsule”

  1. Faye Lewis Says:

    This is nifty! I love the video, and will try to adopt it. Thanks.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I enjoyed the Eileen Fisher video but I totally didn’t think her shapes would suit me. Thanks for the links. I note also that the Chado Ralph Rucci pattern V1054 has some beautiful slim trousers, if you can wear that sort of thing.

  3. sewingplums Says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    Yes Elizabeth. I doubt whether the style is right for everyone either. Vogue 1144 is another Chado Ralph Rucci pattern with slim pants, and also a very elegant version of the jacket style J Crew is going for.

    Enjoy !

  4. Lillie Says:

    This was just the ticket to my Eileen Fisher look alike pattern search.

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