The Dreaded Black Blazer

This wardrobe plan scores the highest number of suggested things I would never wear. Fascinating. I first read this plan a year ago and it’s still seared into my memory.

The plan is on the Wardrobe Oxygen site

1. black tailored pant suit in seasonless fabric
2. black seasonless trousers

If anyone tells me to wear black or a tailored blazer, I run screaming to the hills. I look very ill and really ugly in black, did even when young. When I was a very successful professional I didn’t wear tailored or structured clothes or a notched lapel jacket. I don’t feel comfortable or myself when I put them on.

3. jeans
4. dressy jeans

Well, I love practical denim and try to find it in other colours, but indigo blue is not flattering on me.

5. black heeled boots
6. black leather pumps

High heels – thank goodness we don’t have to wear them anymore (though I’ve got a fabulous pair of navy boots I’ve never been able to part with). Pumps I do wear on formal occasions. But black ones would be very unflattering to my leg skin tone.

7. not so little black dress
I’ve never owned anything at all like a ‘little black dress’ – wow, how have I managed to get through life without going to a cocktail party. Let’s see, I look terrible in black, sheath dresses are unflattering on me and a hassle to fit, strappy dresses slide straight off my sloping shoulders. . .

8. silver hoop earrings
My skin has yellow tones so silver is not good on me. I’ve got a long neck so could wear long earrings, but I’m old enough now for my crepey neck to be a feature it’s best not to draw attention to.

9. black or grey merino V-neck sweater
12. slim v-neck sweater in signature colour

V-necks – ah well, I have a long neck and long head, so if I wear a v-neck I look like a giraffe. That is also true of a jewel neckline. Wider slightly curved necks are good on me. V-necks can look discordant on people with rounded or square jawlines.
I actually have got some non-V-neck merino sweaters in my signature colour.

10. trendy skirt
11. trendy jacket/ blazer

I do like ‘trendy jackets’ – something a bit unusual as I don’t feel or look good in the classic shapes, but no sort of jacket fits well into my current lifestyle.
And a trendy skirt ? well my knees have always been ugly (family heirloom) and my ankles now aren’t much better, so short skirts have never been good on me.

13. signature accessory
Hurrah – I’m a handbag freak. Beware having a closet full of them 😀

14. sparkly evening shell or top
Ah well, I’m not really a shiny sparkly sequin sort of person. Lace and embroidery are my favourite embellishments.

15. the perfect tee – or two
Oh dear, tees. I have a small bust cup, and it’s best not to wear anything tight. I prefer to keep that fact about myself a bit disguised !

16. well fitting winter wool coat
Again, classic tailored shapes are not good on me. I have some cosy stylish padded jackets.

17. great fitting bras
Yes indeed – several thousand percent of agreement with this, even though I’ve got too small a bust to wear a bra often myself.

18. panty line free underwear
Absolutely, there should be a law about this, and about bra lines too.

19. a pashmina or wrap
I used to have fun wearing a poncho, but generally find the shape of a shawl is inconvenient and uncomfortable.

20. clutch purse
Very fashionable at the moment, but what a hassle to have to remember all the time to keep hold of it.

21. daily purse
Of course, except mine is a basket and I don’t think that is what she has in mind !

22. sexy shoes that can be worn for at least five hours
See heels above. I’ve never owned a ‘sexy’ pair of shoes, not my style. But yes, every pair of shoes I own must get through a day of being walked in without harming my feet in any way.

23. sunglasses
Yes indeed, but do take great care in choosing them. Never buy without a mirror to see yourself. A pair that complements your face shape is much more important than fashion. I have a large head and look silly in the currently fashionable small lenses.

– – –

Of course there are many people who will love this list, find it very helpful, and want everything on it. But it doesn’t match everyone’s best colours, body shape, lifestyle, or personal style. Me, I just get to wear undies with my sunglasses and purse 😀

My own wardrobe staple is a white shirt. I’ve got embarrassing numbers of them. But they get no mention on this list. I know there are people who look as bad in white as I do in black, and people who are unhappy in a shirt. How dull life would be if everyone wore a white shirt and a black suit 😀

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One Comment on “The Dreaded Black Blazer”

  1. Kitty Says:

    This is the list! I had forgotten where I found it! This is exactly the list that caused my great downfall into hating my closet – which luckily eventually led me to find

    I spent two years purchasing and purchasing, trying to get the items on this list in my right shapes and colors and I steadily became unhappier and unhappier. I had completely given up and was just trying to get the corporate “uniform” right so that I could get dressed in the morning and forget about it. It never happened. After reading about Dressing Your Truth – I cleaned out all of the black from my closet and made a few bucks selling it on ebay. For eight months now I have bought great items from thrift stores to replace nearly everything. FINALLY I love my closet and its like playing dress-up every morning.

    I’m glad to see that you felt the same way about the article! And even more excited to see that you didn’t spend several $100 dollars before you understood how wrong it was for you!

    Thank you for continuing to sew and write about it. I sewed for years but quit. I have recently started again because its okay for my clothes to be different than what is available at the mall this week! Thanks for the encouragement!

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