Trendy Autumn Capsule 2012

What if I wanted some trendy clothes this autumn ?
I fell in love with the Cosy Fall Wish List suggested by The Blush Chronicles.

from The Blush Chronicles

Fairly easy to reproduce.
Of course use your own best colours.

I’ve added notes on :
– simple pattern combining when you can’t find exactly what you want,
– add-ons to take this from capsule to wardrobe,
– some other sources of wearable trendy inspiration for this winter.

– – –

Sweater top

Butterick 5679, View B.


Slim pants

Pair with the ubiquitous slim pants, such as Palmer-Pletsch McCall’s 6440.


Collarless biker jacket

Burda 03/2012-116.


Though I wouldn’t wear this in leather. Not for moral reasons, I’m just not happy in heavy stiffness.


With my rear, I don’t look good in a short fitted jacket and pants, so would add a long straight skirt. Use the best length for you. Wearable with both jacket and sweater.

Perhaps the one in Vogue 8841.



Butterick 5367, View A.


– – –

Cape coat – combining patterns

No pattern exactly the same as the inspiration. A bit of pattern work needed here.

There is a recently oop cape-sleeved coat pattern, Vogue 8678.


But there isn’t much of the year when I would be happy in a coat without full length sleeves !

So add some capelet pieces to a shoulder princess coat, as in the inspiration.
Perhaps start from Burda 7855.


Try a mock-up of the capelet pattern pieces to get the length and width you want, starting with a half circle. Or adapt from a cape style with shaped shoulder seam, such as Vogue 6776 (better for getting the cape hem on-grain).

The cape-coat inspiration is double breasted. One of the many advantages of a shoulder princess pattern is – it’s easy to adapt the centre front panel to different styles.

And the inspiration has a trench style collar.
So swap the notched collar and front opening of the Burda coat for something like McCall’s 5525, View D.


To combine the patterns – overlay the front pattern pieces and match up the shoulder seams and centre fronts.
Then trace the style elements you want.
Do the same with the back pattern pieces to check if the back neck shapes are different.
Straighten out the front edge and add more buttons, if you want your coat to close up to the neck.

Or simply use this trench style in dark fabric with military buttons for another of this season’s coat looks.

– – –

From capsule to wardrobe

First stage of additions. The coat and pants photos in the inspiration include :
– long sleeved knit top,
– print top (possibly a short sleeved blouse),
– vest.
Second stage of additions :
– long sleeved blouse/ shirt,
– second pair of pants – straight leg or boot-cut.
And a self-fabric strip for one of the blouses/ shirts so you have a bow-neck look.
All in basic shapes. Vary the surfaces and textures.

That makes :
3 layers (jacket, sweater, vest),
3 tops (long sleeved tee, long and short sleeved blouses).
3 bottoms (2 pants, 1 skirt).
1 coat.
10 garments in all. The 9 indoor clothes give about 40 outfits if they all co-ordinate.

Including accessories :

Haven’t mentioned the shoes 😀 That’s the one piece of the starter capsule that I already have, as flat ankle boots are a favourite of mine. Many people round here are wearing knee high boots with their slim pants. Add a dressier pair of shoes to increase the range of opportunities for wearing these clothes. You haven’t got to wear the current sky-high stiletto heels to look dressy. Try pretty ankle boots with medium heels. Or decorated ballet flats.

Add some indoor and outdoor scarves, a narrow waist belt, warm hat and gloves, favourite jewellery.
Well, that looks like an effective collection 😀

– – –

For easy-wear current looks in ‘modern classic’ style, see YouLookFab’s Pinterest board – copy many of these outfits using this wardrobe, and her comments on what she’s wearing this season.
And here’s a list of current items from StyleMakeover.

For a wide range of current styles, see Nancy Nix-Rice on wearable current trends and suggested outfits (no they’re not the pure classic styles which she uses to illustrate her wardrobe planning posts).
Next stage of additions : add blazer, cascade jacket, big top to your wardrobe, and you can mimic many of these outfits too.
Next additions : drape, cowl, turtleneck tops – and so on 😀

Enjoy the new season !

– – –

Links and patterns available November 2012

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5 Comments on “Trendy Autumn Capsule 2012”

  1. myrosesindecember Says:

    This is a wonderful post. I too am not best served with a short jacket and pants. However, a few minor changes to the jacket make a world of difference – make it a little blouson with a different bottom like an Eisenhower jacket and it seems to work better. Vogue 7235 from 2000 is wonderful for this, if you can find it. Vogue 2525 from 2001 is another wonderful one. It just softens the look a little and lengthens it just a tad, while still keeping the overall look. I love the tote and wonder if I could possibly manage it in leather or suede.

    • sewingplums Says:

      Thanks for the interesting comments – yes, we do all need to find our own most flattering jacket shapes and style elements. Personally I have large high hips, and keep well clear of all blousons 😀

      • myrosesindecember Says:

        I think I have come to the decision that I must be dealing with a high hip also as the ribcage I had when I was thinner seems to be disappearing. What I like about the one Vogue I suggested is that instead of a band at the bottom which can be a problem, it just has a casing and a tie which can be left as loose as one desires.

  2. Phil Says:

    Loved this post especially the first jersey top Butterick pattern, which I am actually going to buy! Seems like you should be on commission!!

    • sewingplums Says:

      😀 With the small numbers of people involved – for me, organising a commission on links to patterns just wouldn’t have enough pay-off to be worth the hassle !

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