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The words used to describe personal styles change over the years (classic, romantic, casual, dramatic, vintage. . . cool, boho, urban, edgy, retro . . . ) but some basic aspects of personal style stay constant.
It’s good to have a couple of key words for a style, as an easy way to keep it in mind.
But actually personal styles can vary in a huge number of details.

After a lot of reading about wardrobe planning, I have a list of style questions I find helpful.

– – –

– are you a pants or a skirt person ?
– if you prefer skirts, are you a dresses or a separates person ?
– if it’s pants – are they jeans, leggings, chinos, trousers. . . ?
– which types of top do you like most ? shirts, blouses, tees, tunics ?
– which types of layering top do you most like to wear ? jacket, sweater, cardigan, tunic, vest, shawl, big shirt, sleeveless jumper-style dress ?

– are you happier in knits or woven fabrucs ?
– do you like plain fabrics, or hand dyeds, prints, plaids, stripes, textures or patterned weaves, velvet or corduroy, shiny, embellished ?
– stiffer materials like leather, or softer more drapey ones?
– if you like prints, are they floral, geometric, animal, hard edged, fuzzy. . .?
– lots of big contrasts, or only subtle differences ?
– do you like added beads, or braids, piping, cord, studs and eyelets, ornamental zips, fringe, tassels, lace, embroidery, topstitching, fabric textures such as tucks, gathers, flounces, 3-D flowers, applique, patchwork, quilting. . .?

– do you need more professional looking, or more dirt tolerant, clothes ?
– do you go to some ’dressy/ formal’ occasions ?
– does the climate you live in affect whether you need warm or protective layers ? longer or shorter pants, skirts or sleeves ? special accessories ?

– what are the darker and lighter neutral colours that are most flattering for you ? (that make you look good even without make up or hair colouring ?)
– what is your favourite and most flattering ‘accent’ colour ?
– do you look best in light or dark colours ? clear or muted/ greyed shades ? colours with a yellowish or with a blueish tinge ? high contrast or minimal contrast ?
– do you look your best when wearing white ? in black ? in denim blue ? in none of these ?

– what is your basic body silhouette ? rectangle, round, triangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, a combination ?
– if you’re bigger above the waist, have you got wide or large shoulders, or a generous cup size, or both ?
– what shapes and lengths of tops, tunics, jackets, skirts, pants, are most flattering for you ? (essential to check the view from the back too ! and just get a general idea – the best lengths in detail often depend on particular shapes and combinations of garments and shoes.)
– do you look best with tops tucked in or out ?
– what shapes, ease, lengths do you feel most comfortable in, or feel most like yourself when you wear them ?
– what heel height is most flattering to your legs when wearing a skirt ?

– what is your face shape ? and what is the most flattering hair style for you ?
– what is the most flattering shape and depth of neckline for you ? also the best collars ?
– what are your best features, that you want your clothes and accessories to draw attention to ? face, legs, waist, shoulders, bosom, hands, eyes, skin, feet, hair. . .?

– what is your favourite accessory ? bags, belts, necklaces, brooches/ pins, bracelets, earrings, rings, scarves, hats, gloves, shoes, boots, sunglasses ?
– what are your favourite styles for jewellery and accessories : quiet or bling ? large or small ? best materials ? simple or detailed ? modern or antique ? a mixture ?
– what is your favourite size of bag (purse) ?
– what are your favourite materials for your bag ? fabric, leather, straw ?

– are you happiest in fitted or loose clothes ? structured/ tailored, or floaty ? simple or detailed ?
– is the weight of clothes important for you ? do you feel more comfortable in light weight clothes ? in heavy weight clothes ?
– what about the weight of accessories ? the weight of bags? shoes? necklaces?
– do you like or dislike wearing high heels? flats? low necklines? high necklines? ankle length skirts? thigh length skirts?

– what is the clothing style that you feel most yourself in ? quiet or striking ? casual or tailored ? pretty or hard-edged ? chic or mini-care ? crafter or modernist ? minimalist or bling ? classic, quirky, romantic, high fashion, sporty, artistic, elegant, cool, edgy, urban, vintage, boho, sexy, something else, a combination ?
– have you got a ‘signature’ ? is there a colour, or a type of print or fabric, or a type or shape of garment, or a type of accessory or trim, or something else, that you alway wear or would like to wear ?

– and apply (most of !) these questions to undies and nightwear too.
– what bra and panties styles and sizes can you wear without getting underwear lines ?

– remember a time when you felt at your happiest and best. Would the clothes you are thinking of making or buying help you to feel like this ?

– do you need to adapt your clothes a little away from your personal preferences, to suit the climate or lifestyle where you live or work ? if so, what is the most important feature for you to maintain, so you feel you keep your own style ? (Our local smartly uniformed junior supermarket manager goes home in black leather and chains. He gets to keep his beard and pony tail during the day.)

– – –

Your personal style may well be different from mine, so notice especially when you disagree with these questions, or think there is something important left out !

These sorts of questions don’t point to specific best designs, but for me they do greatly cut down on the mass of alternatives.

P.S. Looking at this 3 years later – I’ve realised the patterns I choose have most interest and variety around the neck area, with very similar sleeves. So I would add some questions here about which style elements you like to vary. See my post on Where do you like your outfit variety ?

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6 Comments on “Personal Style questions”

  1. Barbara Says:

    This is a wonderful thoughtful blog – keep writing. I have enjoyed your posts so much.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Great blog, Lisanne, I agree keep writing. Also, sew!

  3. Vildy Says:

    Wonderful questions. I can’t believe that after having read dozens of style books and hundreds of articles I never before took time to consider whether I preferred skirts or pants. I love a graceful skirt but it’s pants! I’m only most comfortable in pants and no matter if other people respond well to my skirted outfits, I always feel I have “put it on” [over my personality].

    And when I consider outfits in the past that I felt the very best and happiest! in, I think of 2 pantsuits I had. Well, I still have the kind of raspberry hot pink shantung one that alllllmost fits. I keep it as a kind of talisman but had never considered the full significance.

  4. Cathy Says:

    Thank you for this blog! I’ve been struggling with personal style lately – What? Jeans and t-shirts aren’t a personal style in themselves? 🙂

    I’ve spent hours on your site and find it extremely useful. Thanks for the time you’ve spent putting it together!

    • sewingplums Says:

      Thanks Cathy
      I think of tees and jeans as Classic Casual, see my take on current personal styles round here in the UK. Though I think your new pattern choices look more “Soft Layered” (pick your own name :D)

      Glad you find all this helpful, I enjoy doing it !

      And I like your post on free patterns for a capsule – an excellent idea, I promise to resist copying you 😀

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