Happiest clothes ?

Am also realising that I need a different approach to finding my personal style. When I read the styles on offer in a wardrobe book (classic, romantic, casual, boho, dramatic. . .) I tie myself in knots to try to get myself to fit in, but it just doesn’t feel right. Instead, if I write a list of what’s essential for me to enjoy wearing my clothes, then my style emerges quite easily :

What nakes me happy :

– comfortable and easy to move in
– natural fabrics or fleece
– simple, softer but ‘designer’ lines
– not attention grabbing.
– quality of fabric, fit, construction
– a touch of embroidery or lace
– texture rather than print
– perhaps a touch of quirkiness in accessories or jewellery.
– I look best in light warm colours
– neatly fitted shoulders and waist, and raised neckline, show off my body best.
– I love swirling, and picking up my skirts is one of the pleasures of a formal occasion

What; makes me unhappy :

– anything that hangs loose or drags, that can get caught or dragged in the dirt.
– structured clothes which don’t bend easily
– hard edges
– for some reason I look ugly in a notched lapel collar.
– I look very ugly in black, and indigo blue is not far behind.
– my knees have never been good, and my ankles usually are best not seen.

This, along with my simple ‘croquis’ of my body shape, makes a good check list when looking at patterns.

Celebrate !

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