8. Speedy patterns, Technique, Learn to sew, Sewalongs, Sundry

Click on these links to get to posts on minimising sewing effort :
Speedy sewing patterns
Tools and techniques, including listings of sewalongs
Learn to sew

My favourite books

Types of weaving, types of loom

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Links to posts on SPEEDY SEWING

Patterns the companies claim can be sewn in less than 2 hours.

Quick patterns update 2013
Quick patterns update 2012 – tops, dresses
Quick patterns update 2012 – skirts, pants, jackets

Wardrobe patterns
Fast jackets
Skirts and pants
Layers and capsules

Pattern and body shape – comments on changing quick patterns according to body shape.

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Links to posts on TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES

Improving sewing success

Favourite books – sewing
Sources of jacket sewing advice

Faced slash-slit opening
Serger threading

Pattern making software
Bonfit bodice patterner
Half size patterns

Aids to fashion drawing
Personal croquis

Weekend-Web-Wandering – sewing

Many links in the right hand menu to sewing DVDs, and on-line video demos and written tutorials.


Posts listing links to Sewalongs :
Knit tops
Shirts with band collar
Pyjamas and elastic waist pants
Pants/ trousers, jeans, sweat pants
Skirts – written sewalongs
Skirts – video sewalongs
Easy Jackets – links to jacket sewalongs (in left menu)

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Links to posts on LEARN TO SEW

What helps you learn ?

Sewing skills lists

Learning help – complete beginners
Learning help – advanced beginners
Pyjamas, beginner skills
Beginner skills list.pdf

‘Dressmaking’ book – intermediate skills using standard woven fabrics for basic classics
‘Dressmaking’ book – list of intermediate skills used in projects :
31 projects.A4.pdf
31 projects.USletter.pdf

Intermediate skills and beyond – skills not in Dressmaking book
Sources of jacket sewing advice
Easy Jackets – links to jacket tutorials (in left menu)

These posts include comments on the sequence of learning new skills :
Basic capsule at levels of difficulty from very easy to advanced
Skirt, dress, pants, shirt
Vest, jacket, coat
Sources of jacket sewing advice

Half-size patterns – for making samples.

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Links to posts on MY FAVOURITE BOOKS

Style and wardrobe
Pattern altering
Pattern drafting, Fit

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Simplest looms
Frame looms
Yarn heddles, cards

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Links to other pages of this index are at the top of the right hand menu.

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