Fashion editor picks for S/S 2013

Trends you might like to pick from, if any of them suit your style, shape, colouring.

These suggestions are from :
UK Elle magazine February 2013
UK In Style magazine February 2013
UK Vogue magazine February 2013 Catwalk Report
US Vogue/ Trend Report
YouLookFab’s comments on fashion week (whew, she says she watched ALL the on-line shows this time)


– all white
– all black (some designers have entire collections)
– black and white
see The Art of Contrast (click on left photo) – any style so long as it’s black and white !

– black and white with accent colour
– muted pastels or nudes

Strong colours too but they don’t dominate. The Pantone seasonal report shows them – a lot of emerald and greyed jade, primary red, deep blue and muted mid (Dusk) blue, also tangerine and sunflower yellow.
This season their neutral colours are called ‘Linen’ (warm light neutral) and ‘Tidal foam’ (cool light neutral).


Janice at The Vivienne Files has been using the Pantone colours as accents to her basic work and casual wardrobes.

Colour blocking still much in evidence.
see Collage Degree (click on middle left photo)

And underwear in these colours too !

What if these colours aren’t for you ? Here’s a video from Imogen Lamport on universal colours (none of the above :D).


– minimalism

– sports luxe
(see my posts on Sports Luxe patterns – Sweatshirts, Fleeces and hoodies)

– masculine edges one day, feminine frills the next, or both in the same outfit
see Alpha Females (click on 2nd right photo) Every Flounce Counts (click on middle right photo)

– oriental, especially kimono
see Asia Society (click on right photo)
(see my post on Kimono patterns)

– sharp angles and boxy shapes
– retro – 60s, 70s


– blouses
– peplum jackets (see my post on peplum patterns)
– low waist jackets
– slim skirts with high slits
– trouser suits
– jumpsuits
Many dresses on show, but the editors don’t pick them out for emphasis.

Many styles of pants. UK In Style suggests :
– voluminous
– cigarette
– high waisted
– slimmer sweat pants
– dungarees (overalls in US)
– cropped (knee length) culottes.
Trendy to show a bit of ankle.

Ease levels

Relaxed slouchy tops, pants, jackets.
(see my posts on over-sized tops and jackets – Index page 6 on specific garment types.)

US Vogue/ don’t pick out over-sized for emphasis, but slouchy is definitely a trend for casuals. And there is a general lack of body-con fit.

Here’s a post by YouLookFab on making the slouchy look with pants and another on the oversized look in general.


Pretty well anything – knee length emphasised, especially for shorts.
Editors disagree on the maxi.


– leather
– plastic – opaque or transparent
– metallic look, shiny (especially gold)

– a light floaty layer, or insets of sheer fabric
see Veiled Looks (click on photo 2nd from left)

Lavish detail :
– texture – woven, cut-out, add-on frills
– flowers on a background – in prints and textures : embroidery, lace, and 3-D additions (also on accessories)
Clover has tools for making fabric flowers, petalled flowers and flower frills.

Fabric pattern

The strong new pattern is checkerboard.

Louis Vuitton

More geometrics in bold wide stripes.

Many prints, especially flowers and ethnic.
Still a lot of pattern mixing.
see Collage Degree (click on middle left photo)


Clutch handbags continue
see bags.

Big statement pieces
see Jewellery.
Best not to add jewellery to the strong patterns and ornately detailed fabrics.

YouLookFab says : “Peep toe booties are the shoe of the season. Spring booties are also big, as are loafers, slipper flats, fashion sneakers, sandals with wide straps, flatforms and flat oxfords.”
Also many pointy toe shoes.
White shoes.
Simple flats or wildly ornate high heels and platforms.

see shoes.

Would you like to add some of these to your wardrobe ?

With my older muted colouring, I”m not such a fan of white as I used to be. I’d look very out-of-kilter in those checkerboards and strong stripes, but I like the fabric combining. I move rapidly on from collections which are all hard edges, but they’re obviously popular with other people. I’ll continue with soft Casual Luxe tinged with boho 😀 My favourite yoked tunics and over-shirts are in some trendy catalogues, even if they don’t get the fashion editors’ attention.

If you’d like a more everyday wearable view of the season’s possibilities, see Connie Crawford Spring predictions download.
Many suggestions for colours, fabrics, styles – fitted or slouchy, angular or soft.

Don’t want to have to think ?
Several independent pattern companies suggest ‘modern classic’ capsules for the season :
Hot Patterns
Silhouette Patterns
Style Arc
Or just pick from the newest patterns – they’re always current! Butterick-Kwik Sew-McCall’s-Vogue, Simplicity-New Look-Burda have all issued their early Spring collections.

And here are some suggestions from YouLookFab on what to do if the trends aren’t your style. While here’s what she’s thinking of getting herself this spring.

As usual there are many different points of view. So choose what gives you most pleasure.
Would any of these trends enhance your summer 😀

Links available January 2013

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4 Comments on “Fashion editor picks for S/S 2013”

  1. Vildy Says:

    I love black and white. When I was a young woman, I used to say that black-and-white was my favorite color. But now my strawberry blond hair is more bronze and sometimes it is hard to live up to so much contrast. I don’t have the link but Imogen Lamport had a post or video showing that if you don’t have high natural contrast yourself, just insert a medium color to bridge the two high contrasts. A lightbulb moment.

    I always used to thrift or receive passalong garments in black and white houndstooth and they never looked right on me. Recently I found a thick knit sweater jacket in black and white and khaki-taupe and it’s magic. Goes with everything, even my hair.

    Even with contrast color collar and cuffs – recently got an open jacket (top piece) in black with rows of saddle stitching and bright white collar and turn back cuffs. Found that arranging the contrast so less of it showed worked much better. Alternatively, it was beltless and I added a white cotton trench belt midway between those white islands and it looked as though I had a plan. 🙂

    Loved the post and am happily following the links. Have been experimenting with volume recently, partly owing to reading your many posts about your own preferences. The trick for me, I’ve found, is volume with structure so it stands away. Works a treat.
    Looks stylized rather than swamped.

    • sewingplums Says:

      Thanks for all the interesting and helpful comments Vildy. We obviously look very different – if I wore structured black and white, it would look as if the clothes were here and I was off somewhere else 😀

  2. sara Says:

    “You Look Fab” recommends slouchy knee length shorts for Spring 2013 and this is something I want to explore. I don’t feel comfortable in short shorts and bermuda shorts have always seemed too conservative for me. So I’m wondering about the shape of these slouchy shorts : with or without pleats? straight or slightly pegged? Sewing a style that you’ve never actually tried on is always a gamble, but I guess it’s worth making a few muslins to find out.

    • sewingplums Says:

      Yes you’re right Sara – most of the slouchy pants I’ve seen have pleats. But it’s best to check that style details flatter our own particular body shape and length proportions. I like slouchy tops, but don’t think slouchy pants are a good idea on my large hips.

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