Summer snippets, and some autumn trends

Sadly it’s time for me to upgrade my computer, which is going to be a major enterprise. My current one still does everything I want for my own computing, but it is excruciatingly slow or doesn’t work at all for much of the web (have been going to the public library to upload my images for the last few months. . .)

This computer is such an elderly Mac, it’s from before all the big technical changes at Apple – the previous chip, the previous operating system. . . Which means none of the software is unchanged.

I’ve put this off too long. I’m really not looking forward to learning everything anew, though I suppose I should celebrate all the new facilities there will be.

So I’m taking a few weeks off, to sort it all out. Not shutting down altogether. I’ve done some short paragraphs which are ready at WordPress. There should be a little something to post each week for the next few weeks, whatever disasters strike here behind the scenes . . . 😀

Here’s the first of them, a longer blast off about a recent fashion magazine. Sorry it’s rather grumpy 😀

– – –

UK Elle’s September 2011 issue is bringing out the worst in me. Seems to be one of those magazine issues deliberately designed to put people off having anything to do with fashion. . .

Advertisements : Beautiful clothes, but worn by bored dissolute looking models. I suppose bored rich kids are the target customer for the prestige brands. But there’s no pleasure or attraction in looking at them for the rest of us.

– – –

Elle editorial : their favourites among the styles to choose between next season.


You no longer need bother to make your ‘boyfriend’ style clothes look womanly.

Karl Lagerfield at Chanel appears to have completely lost the plot, and shows a sort of androgynous goth grunge. And everyone is saying what a marvellous collection it is. Reminds me of the story of the Emperor’s new clothes.

Definitely more edgey than classic.

– – –

Combining opposites

Many designers enjoy combining apparent opposite style elements. But we seem to have moved on from leather and lace.

Lagerfeld does have one interesting new idea. A short classic soft tweed and curved edge Chanel jacket with braid trim worn layered over a longer classic crisp tailored jacket.

from Chanel ad

Not clear if they’re two separate jackets. Might be sleeves of both fabrics. Perhaps they’re joined at the neckline.

Lagerfeld does have the gift of making such an odd combination of opposites look elegant. Though no doubt I’m being closed minded, I have difficulty imagining whose personal style this will appeal to, apart from the extreme fashionista.

Perhaps I’m completely out of touch, and this ‘combined’ (incongruous ?) style will be the season’s big new idea that is most copied in the high street ? Soft short layered over crisp long. There’s another photo in this Elle issue of a young designer wearing a curved fur vest over a square-cornered herringbone tweed coat. Well it does look warm for winter.

– – –


The dominant print this season is polka dots. Another androgynous idea. Lovely for straight edged people who like geometric prints. (Buck the trend and go for random dots if you can’t bear all that regimentation :D)

And “We’re not talking florals or fluoros here. That’s, like, so s/s 2011”. Oh dear. Well, there are so many fashion options these days. I’m sure you can find a designer who celebrates big florals this season, who you can use as your inspiration.

Another main prints theme this season is ‘patchwork’. Not mixing fabrics in small pieces as in quilting. But each section of a garment made in a different style of print. (Combine your florals and your polka dots, which patchworkers have always done.) An exciting and interesting idea, I love it as I enjoy making multi-fabric quilts. But difficult to pull off successfully in a garment I suspect.

– – –

Aggressive sexuality

Ah, here is the leather and lace. The alternative style to extreme masculinity is in-your-face sado-masochistic sex. Hmm, not something I’m competent to comment on.

No doubt if you like them you will already be making up corset patterns (with no disrespect intended to that useful site).

– – –

Advanced eccentric boho – called individualism

The extreme version of combining incongruous elements.

In the supermarket yesterday there was someone wearing :
– grey running shoes
– dark ankle socks
– a chiffon handkerchief hem skirt with drapey ruffles in a bright warm clear watercolour print.
– a droopy black blazer
– a big plastic tote in a different colour group.

She was tall and thin, so if her clothes had been of high quality, she might have been photographed for this issue of Elle.
It really does require a very high level of styling gift to do this look successfully.

– – –

For some more wearable ideas see the – US Vogue Trend Report, or their Shopping Guide for the coming season.

YouLookFab’s ideas on Fall Fashion week are here.

Meanwhile, obviously I’m not a true fashionista ! Well, perhaps high fashion magazines do present extreme versions of the looks in the first magazine of the new season. But if these are the ‘runway’ styles on offer for the winter ahead, I think I’ll stick to ‘street’ style and clothes I feel comfortable in 😀

– – –

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9 Comments on “Summer snippets, and some autumn trends”

  1. Helen Says:

    Good luck and best wishes on your computer project! You’ll be missed.

    • sewingplums Says:

      Thanks Helen. First step is to sort out my tiny house so I can use 2 desk top computers at the same time. Realise it had not occurred to me to put away one of my sewing machines 😀

  2. I like advanced eccentric boho but do not have the style sense (or perhaps the pieces) to pull it off.

  3. Amanda Says:

    I have got a new MacBook Pro and I LOVE it! You’ll still have everythng you love about your old Mac, but loads of better, faster stuff too.

  4. RuthieK Says:

    I understand your concerns, but once you are past the learning curve you’ll be able to do all sorts of cool stuff.
    I too have decided to go with my own personal style, subtly updated with some high street looks but to pretty much ignore the bonkers designer collections as they are completely unwearable by normal people living ordinary lives.

  5. sdBev Says:

    ” Beautiful clothes, but worn by bored dissolute looking models.” I always get hung up on this. Can you imagine not grinning from ear-to-ear if Karl L was fussing over every detail of your appearance? AND he is PAYING YOU? You can’t be happy with that?

    Copmputer rebuild/switchover: Eeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To add to that I’m the family geek and end up rebuilding several computers during the year. Oh yeah we are victims of MS. It is definitely rebuild frequently. To make it easier next time, do keep your programs updated. Good luck! I know you can do it!

    • sewingplums Says:

      Hah yes Bev – I tried an OS update many years ago. The only thing that would work afterwards was the Mac equivalent of Notepad. I had to do a clean re-install and it took about a week to recover. Never again 😀

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