Summer 2011 preview – will I have to go into hiding ?

Have just been looking, with great amusement, at’s ‘Round up of Resort 2011 trends’.

Goodness, there is barely a single thing I would wear 😀

– – –

The clothes for next summer :

White suit
Usually classic blazer jacket and pants.
Well, I know there are amazing people who manage to stay pristine when wearing white. But I’m not one of them.
And I’m not happy wearing blazer jackets. also picked non-classic examples. A hard edged square angled jacket, not flattering to my body lines. The soft drapey choice is a scarf wrapped hip style, just where I don’t need emphasis.

White long dress
Lots of pretty frills for a wedding dress.
See white again.

Long (evening) dress with flats
Now this is an outfit I could enjoy wearing, though it wouldn’t be practical for my everyday.

Cropped sweater
Make a knit top with waist or high waist body length, and three-quarter or full length sleeves.
But those body lengths are not flattering on me.

Hot pants
If you’ve got the legs for them.
Very very short. Cut off a TNT jeans not pants pattern, so it’s closely fitted. And make the leg opening smaller if need be.
Chanel has a beautiful suit of shorts and classic Chanel jacket to high waist length. It is possible to look elegant in hot pants.

Little bags with long straps
Something we could all make from 6 inch scraps and a couple of yards of cord.
The trouble is they dangle at low hip length. And stylists are united in telling me not to wear a bag there, as it draws attention to my widest point. . .

The fabrics (in addition to all the white) :

Mixed prints
As I don’t wear prints much anyway, the problems of mixing them effectively don’t apply. Animal prints combined with abstracts – helps to have them in related colours.

Head to toe prints
This is interesting : shirt or tunic and pants (or jumpsuit) in print (usually the same print), rather than print-solid.
That is an idea I might try.

A touch of chartreuse
They really do mean just a small accent, or a bag.
But even so, I don’t plan to wear the smallest amount of chartreuse. It would look over bright to harsh on me.
I’ve just received a high-end clothing catalogue with several garments with a touch of chartreuse. Even a chartreuse cashmere sweater. Obviously chartreuse is a way of showing you’re ‘in the know’ this winter too (though only to people who are in the same ‘in the know’ 😀 )

Colour blocking
A continuing idea (seen this winter as well), and again one that is not for me. I don’t look good in the strong colours usually used for colour blocking, or in strong contrasts.
Though I do like the white big shirt with red collar and front band – that is an idea I could work with.

– – –

So, little here for me. Does that mean I have to go into hiding, crawl into a corner and give up on style for next summer ?

No, I don’t agree with that at all.

What do we do if we want to be stylish and current, but a fashion magazine’s selection is not right for us ? There is a lot more going on in fashion than what the magazine editors pick out. But if we can’t depend on them to tell us what flatters our body and suits our style, then we have to do some work to find our own possibilities.

So much to say, I’m writing another post on this. . .

– – –

Link available July 2010

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