‘In Style’ Autumn/Winter 2010 must-haves

Were the editors of UK In Style magazine (August 2010) looking at the new Vogue patterns when they chose their must-have items for Autumn/ Winter. . .

– – –

Flared trouser


Yes, tapered to the knee then flaring to wider than boot cut.
Many pattern possibilities : try Alice + Olivia at Vogue, perhaps Vogue 1051.


UK Elle says flares are only for people with long legs, the rest of us should wear bootcuts.

UK Elle also says “Trousers : the new cocktail dress” (in party fabrics), while UK In Style has a whole article on skirts, straight and a-line, micro to maxi.
So we can take our pick !

– – –

Mini kilt


Try shortening Butterick 5285 (back zip) or Butterick 4686 (side zip).


Lots of mini kilts in the collections, DKNY has a show full of them.

Wear with a long slim top and a big boyfriend jacket (with long lapels and high notches) or a parka/ duffle.

(If you prefer longer fuller skirts, cheer yourself up by looking at Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton – with fitted jackets.)

– – –



Emphasis on ‘body con’ close fitted.
Many sheath dress patterns available.
The most recent designer one could be DKNY Vogue 1193., for stretch fabrics.


(If sheath dresses aren’t for you, there are softer and also edgier designer dresses among Vogue’s new season patterns.)

– – –

Aviator jacket


For this, there’s Sandra Betzina Vogue 1198.


Any asymmetric style or exposed zip gives a current ‘edgy’ look, see Burberry Prorsum

As well as shearling, there’s lots of fake fur in the collections, in many styles.
Blacks and browns. Plus amazing light colour ‘fantasy’ fur from Chanel.

UK Elle has zipped jackets under the heading of “Consider outdoor pursuits”. This includes big country-style sweaters with big cables or big knit-in coloured patterns, see D&G.

– – –

Camel short cape


Try Vogue 8674.

Do you feel cold breezes swirl under a cape ? This pattern has the clever solution of a vest with cape added.

The cape pattern has a funnel collar. The cape in the photo is styled like a trench coat. Both are current.

Many short capes in the collections, including big black dramatic ones which hold a stand-out shape so can’t be intended to be warm. . .

Also cape sleeves. Or anything cropped if you dislike a cape too much.

UK Elle says “Camel is the new black”. See Chloé for a collection full of it.

– – –



For the final piece in your new outfit : fur lined hiking boots (shearling again) with vertiginous heels. A rather extreme dislocation between style and function.

In the collections there are also lots of knee-high boots with the fur outside. Fur leg warmers could be an easy substitute.


Happily UK Elle says flats are fashionable : “Buy sensible shoes”. So again we can choose what we prefer.

– – –

So, UK ‘In Style’ suggests pants with shaped legs, a kilt if you wear a mini skirt, a sheath dress, a choice between edgy leather and zips or more classic camel colour for a warm jacket, and fur boots.

What does UK Elle add to this ?
Reveal or conceal ? Elle picks out both bulging bosoms and high-necked modesty as key looks for the season. Down to the waist or up to the chin. Virginal or seductive. Leather or lace.
Thank goodness, again it’s our choice.

As well as new ideas, some fashion trends change more slowly. These are continuing themes :

Looks :
– utility.
– simplicity/ minimalism.
– grunge – a grab anything and throw it together look. (I hang up blue jeans – I’m not the right person to explain how to do grunge :D)
– biker chic – lots of studs.
– retro, especially small waists and big skirts to below knee length.

Components :
– trench coats.
– skinny pants (new patterns by Issey Miyake and Sandra Betzina). (I won’t be going for stretch leather leggings. . . though I like the below ankle length.)
– long scarves.
– big designer bags.

Fabrics :
– denim.
– leather.
– lace.
– velvet.
– animal prints.
– splodgy ‘paint splatter’ multi-colour prints.
– plaid.
– nude colours.

If you love looking at clothes, here are the Style.com (US Vogue) links for all this season’s RTW shows.
Or more simply, their choice of the top ten shows.
If you’d just like to feast your eyes on easily wearable clothes (my taste of course !) try Celine, or Dries van Noten.

Enjoy choosing your own favourites from all the possibilities 😀

– – –

Patterns and links available July 2010
Photos from UK In Style August issue and Style.com

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6 Comments on “‘In Style’ Autumn/Winter 2010 must-haves”

  1. RuthieK Says:

    I like the trousers.
    I dare say I shall continue to do my own thing.

    • sewingplums Says:

      Yes Ruth, I expect most of us will 😀

      Though there’s a great deal more than these 6 items in the collections. So if we don’t like these ideas that doesn’t mean we have to muddle along with no hope of being stylish.

      There’s a very much bigger range of styles in the collections. In the Vogue new season designer patterns there’s :
      Vogue 1189 Rebecca Taylor wrap front dress
      Vogue 1191 Michael Kors twist front dress
      Vogue 1198 Bellville Sassoon dress with flared hem
      Vogue 1199 Rebecca Taylor ruffled and tucked blouse with skirt
      Maybe those specific designs aren’t right for you, but it does mean if you wear something with any of those style elements then you’re current !

  2. ejvc Says:

    So I know the silhouette is all skinny legs and big tunics, dresses, coats. This doesn’t suit my figures. Anything waist-affirming and leg-concealing on the horizon?

    Also, Donna Karan has a pair of the new trousers in the new vogue patterns – 1201.

    • sewingplums Says:

      Just shows how different people get different ideas from looking at different sources ! I go on a bit about this in my next group of posts. . .

      The In Style items include flaring pants (just the thing for large calves ?) and a ”body con’ sheath dress.

      In the new season’s Vogue patterns, all the dresses and many of the jackets are fitted to the waist.

      Okay, the pants in Donna Karan’s Vogue 1201 are full on the hips but taper to the hem. Not all that skinny : in my size the hem is 17 inches, and a skinny pant for me has a hem of 12 inches. And the pants go with a spectacular jacket with fitted peplum waist. That big collar is like the 19c V-shaped bodice – just the line to make you look as if you’ve got a small waist 😀 I think that jacket could look good with a full calf length skirt too. . .

      In the new Vogue patterns there are a couple of tunics with skinny pants or leggings (Issey Miyake, Sandra Betzina). I would say the tunics are slim rather than big in silhouette.

      It’s the usual thing in fashion these days. If you find one designer doing one thing, you can find another doing the opposite. About the only definite claim I thought I could make is that no one shows crinolines these days. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they were used in some evening gowns. . .

      Okay there are large straight styles around, like the Cynthia Steffe duffle I posted earlier. But we’re a long way from everyone having to wear that silhouette indoors.

      To cheer yourself up, rush out and get this month’s UK Vogue 2010 catwalk report – August issue. Nearly everything except the outer wear has a waist. And the main pants trend is a couple of pages of ‘easy’ style trousers.

      Straight long tunics and leggings, fitted little jackets and full skirts, big with big, slim with slim – this season you can get them all from the same company. Wear them both – on alternate days 😀

      By chance, I’m in the middle of writing a post on what to do if a fashion magazine’s top picks aren’t right for us !

      Best Wishes for finding what you like 😀

  3. Nancy Says:

    There is a gorgeous version of the Vogue 8674 shown on the sewing blog Sew On and Sew On. She took pictures on a recent trip to Haberman Fabrics and this was sewn up in a gorgeous cashmere double cloth.

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