Summer Slowdown

Just a note to let you know I’ll be posting less frequently and less regularly from now on.

I greatly enjoy writing these posts, and still have a lot I want to say. But these posts take a surprising amount of time to prepare. And using a computer is a bad weather activity for me.

So I’ll be posting less often for now. I’ve got a couple of posts nearly completed. But they’re taking much longer than I expected. And a folder full of topics I’ve started making notes on. Though they won’t be done quickly. . .

– – –

If you want to keep up, without wasting your time checking in without reward, you could set up a service like bloglines.

Or check a blog like Robin’s. She lists blog links according to how recently they’ve had a new post. With titles. A very useful service.

– – –

Thank you for your interest !

Enjoy your Summer 😀

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One Comment on “Summer Slowdown”

  1. EJVC Says:

    Noooo! Oh, all right, enjoy your summer.

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