Embrace your inner dressmaker

What does this mean for you ?

I think what does this for me is quality : quality of fabric, quality of construction, quality of fit, quality of style.
And embellishment – especially lace, embroidery, and heirloom sewing by machine.
So I need to do more of that.

This lovely phrase comes from a recent issue of ‘Sew Today’ (UK BMV magazine).

– – –

Life intervened this week.

The cotton poplar had to be pollarded. Sad, it does not look good for a year afterwards, but if it’s not done it drops bits on the neighbours.

I did make a cushion cover, to keep me calm while the chain saw was in operation.
No photo as I mis-measured the pad it’s made for, so the result is strained and lumpy. . . well, my pants fitting attempts are getting better than that, I’m happy to say.

The early crocuses are in full bloom, and the birds no longer need last year’s seed pods. So gardening is taking priority.

Greetings ! Enjoy the existing posts !

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  1. Lillie Says:

    Thanks for the Eileen Fisher info. I love her clothing and I try to buy one per season at clearance. I have a collection of linen and didn’t want to do so much trial and error so I started searching of patterns that looked like her designs.

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