Colours, prints, fabrications – s/s 2012

Apart from the peplum, there wasn’t a new major obvious shape influence on the catwalks for this spring/ summer season.

There are shift dresses – good to see them back as they’re such useful shape for the half of the population who are rectangle shape. But several collections have over-large shift dresses which make even the models look fat.

And there was a suggestion of wearing men’s striped flannel pyjamas as part of the ‘boyfriend’ look, but happily that didn’t last long. With versions in satin for party wear.

The main repeating ‘stories’ that appeared from several designers are about colour, print, fabric. Choose which you will, as they suit different personal styles.

The ones here are mainly from the UK Vogue February 2012 booklet on The Collections.

Sorry this is so late. Although summer officially started only a few days ago, McCalls have already published their first autumn patterns ! These summer ideas haven’t had much impact on me so far. They may head-line in Vogue, but haven’t yet percolated down to this little bit of multi-ethnic suburban middle England – not that we’ve had much opportunity to wear summer clothes yet anyway 😀

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Black, cream and gold
(Many designers show almost entirely black collections, but that’s not newsworthy.)

Gucci . . . . . . . . . . . Balenciaga


Louis Vuitton

Muted pastels and sorbets

Tommy Hilfiger

(Cream or pale green if you have warm-yellow based skin tone.)

Except for black with cream contrasts, most of the colours this season are light, and many outfits have an overall similar value of colour scheme. Not many big contrasts of light/ dark or neutral/ accent.

Well, as an alternative to low contrast there is still colour blocking, some of it as strong as ever, though now some gentler.

Ports 1961 . . . . . . . . . . . 3.1 Phillip Lim

Or of course you could follow Pantone’s seasonal colour report and make a whole outfit in this season’s orange. . .

Or high street fashion – pants in any bright colour, if you like strong colour but not orange.

Or – it’s another season with lots of denim blue.

Marc by Marc Jacobs


Underwater soft aquas and watery prints

Versace . . . . . . . . . . . Chanel

Pretty allover florals


Paisley and arabesque, either prints or cut-outs


African – the fabric styles, as well as leopard and zebra animal prints.

Donna Karan

Techno print – the sort of patterns you can only make on a computer.


Print jackets and pants are also high style this season.

Here in the UK we’re supposed to wear athletic singlets and fabrics covered in Union Jacks, patriotic for the Jubilee and Olympics.


Shimmering metallics, sheers, satins, grey and silver

Chanel . . . . . . . . . . . . The Row

For everyday not just special occasions.
Usually with simple shapes, minimalist rather than bling, possibly a sci-fi look.

Cut-outs and tape laces
several examples already.

– – –

There are of course clothes with all sorts of interesting style elements and added embellishment – I’ve chosen examples which show the fabrics clearly.

Look at the trends for yourself : – US Vogue
UK Elle
UK In Style (scroll down for spring/ summer)

Pick which you like if you find them attractive. Otherwise take it all as entertainment and don’t worry about it 😀

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Links available June 2012

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  1. Phil Says:

    Like your light hearted touch with the latest fashion! Like you, I am working on what suits rather than what’s ‘in’, but it’s still fun to see!

  2. bela s. Says:

    Thanks. Great post! I so appreciate this fashion digest.

  3. lorrwill Says:

    I wonder what happened to my previous comment?

    • anon Says:

      I just tried to comment on your most recent posting. I am sorry you were ill and hope you are on the mend.

      I do not know why I am banned from posting any comments, however, and was not able to see any other way to contact you.

      I have enjoyed your postings but I get the message.

  4. Ruthie Says:

    I dunno, but “fashion” seems less and less relevant to normal people than ever. I’m just sewing what works for me for Autumn and living in walking trousers and base layer tshirts!

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