April issue Vogue patterns – separates

Here’s the second part of my comments on the new April pattern issues from Vogue. Separates and bags – now some of these are styles I might wear myself 😀

The first of these posts on the April patterns was on dresses.

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Flounces and drapes

Vogue 8816 has many drape neck empire waist options.


A flouncy jumpsuit from DKNY – Vogue 1308, an option for conversion to a top ?


Flounces or peplum knits, take your choice, from Rebecca Taylor – Vogue 1306.


– – –

More tops with extra room below the waist

Vogue 8817 – seaming and embellishing interest on a knit top from Katherine Tilton.


Vogue 8815 – a peplum top, how useful.


Vogue 8821 – straight front and swirling back, a rare pattern that can be seen better in a photo than a diagram.


– – –

Some interesting layers

Vogue 8804. A new ‘Chanel’ style jacket pattern with couture instructions from Claire Shaeffer is sure to generate interest.


Very Easy Vogue 8819 – an interesting cut, effective in stripes. Looks like a shape that may be good on larger hips. Make it in a stable knit, to support those bias cut sections.


Vogue 8820 – light summer/ evening shrugs from Elizabeth Gillett.
Have you got a standard Little Black Dress that you wish was more interesting ? One of these cover-ups could be just the thing.


– – –

Big Designer Bags – round or flat ?

Vogue 1311 – from Koos – photo shows that what’s made as a cylinder shape falls into a ‘sphere’ in use.


Vogue 8823 – many variants on flat bag shapes, from Marcy Tilton.


– – –

Now which will I be picking out for my delight this summer. . . 😀

Pity it’s difficult to wear a jacket over flounces, and I really don’t feel warm enough in our UK ‘summer’ to manage without a jacket very often.

So perhaps I need to look for a jacket with flounces. . .

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Patterns available May 2012

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  1. kuby2u Says:

    I fell in love with that Rebecca Taylor top with the lace on the arms. I have a few other things i have to start but that top is a definite before summer’s end.

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