October Vogue patterns

I’ve been getting oppressed by all the classic examples in Nancy Nix-Rice’s wardrobe plan – will I never learn – I got daunted by all the blazers earlier in the year. . . Was surprised by how much I’ve cheered up by looking at the new Vogue patterns with all their interest. Several more posts on Nancy’s wardrobe plan are in preparation, but here I am skiving off for the week 😀

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Tunics / shirt-jackets

A marvellous crop of new tunics.

Guy Laroche Vogue 1268 is a dress. But I see it made shorter as a tunic. Or with the fronts separated as a light jacket.


Issey Miyake tunic Vogue 1278 has a good collar for drawing attention to your face. Much more to it than Vogue’s photos show. That outer layer is sheer, an interesting idea.


And I do love Lynn Mizono’s shirt-jackets. Here’s Vogue 1274.


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Several options for cozy warmth. Two of them are hidden in coat patterns.

Vogue 8775 is good as I like a snuggle-up collar.


Another is a hoodie by Sandra Betzina, Vogue 1276.


And Vogue 8776 is called a cape, but without all the draughty cold problems of wearing a real cape. UK In Style magazine November issue has a whole section on this style. Looks like wearing a hot water bottle cover ! I can see myself in a fleece version of this feeling really toasty in winter. Not sure how easy it is to move your arms, but it looks fun to try 😀


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Marcy Tilton’s Vogue 8779 jacket goes with the new oversized styles I”m thinking of writing a post on. Short jackets aren’t good on me, I would probably make this thigh length.


Vogue 8780 has a upper cascade front and a longer back with more shaping than usual. A combination that’s right for me. Though for me an open front jacket is more a warm-weather style.


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There are a couple of attractive Katherine Tilton patterns, but they also don’t meet my winter needs. Patterns perhaps for people in a warmer winter 😀

This Vogue 8778 picture collar top is good for drawing attention to your face, but I wouldn’t find it comfortable to wear a thick coat over.


And a cascade front vest with interesting back, Vogue 8777. But I wear a vest in winter for warmth, so need one that closes up to the neck.


I may take another look at these in spring.

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Relating these new patterns to Nancy Nix-Rice’s wardrobe plan : if your core wardrobe items are like Nancy’s examples (shell top, jacket, skirt, pants), there’s an elegant raglan sleeve fitted wardrobe pattern for you : Vogue 8781 with a shell/ dress, notched collar jacket, skirt and pants.


And if your core items are (top, skirt, dress, jacket) there are plenty of attractive modern dresses for you, and a couple of vintage dresses – one with jacket. But I rarely wear dresses myself.

My personal core items are (shirt, tunic, vest, casual jacket, pants – with many sweater knits).

These new patterns do include a useful fitted shirt-blouse with 4 sleeves, classic shirt and bow collars, in blouse and tunic lengths, Vogue 8772


There are some very slim pant patterns here. Not good on my legs. I always wear slightly tapered classic pants, like the ones in the wardrobe pattern. There is a new 5-pocket jeans pattern with both slim and straight legs, Vogue 8774.

If I was going to pick a skirt it would be like this Vogue 8773 slim gored skirt with 2 lengths, 2 slit positions. I would lower the raised waist, or I’d look as if I have no upper body, but long waisted people will love it unchanged. Replace the slits with pleats to make it like Nancy’s skirt examples.


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Of course this isn’t all of the new Vogue patterns, just my favourites. This batch includes some lovely party dresses.

All the wardrobe planning has made me realise how much I wear vests, and how few I have. So these vests are the patterns I expect to be going for first 😀

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Patterns and links available October 2011

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5 Comments on “October Vogue patterns”

  1. Vildy Says:

    I love how you are disciplined in sticking to items that meet your real needs – proper degree of warmth in winter – and tested style preferences – jacket length, waistband height. Did this come about because of sewing your wardrobe requires a huge investment in time and won’t sustain an impractical, improbable fantasy the way impulse shopping might?

    • sewingplums Says:

      Thanks Vildy – perhaps you could say it’s an advantage of my disadvantages 😀 I feel miserable when I’m cold. And I’m nowhere near a RTW shape. When I try most things on I look terrible, so I’ve never done impulse fantasy shopping – impulse yes, but carefully checked in the mirror and for ease of movement ! I’ve also over the last few years done much thinking about what works for me.

  2. Sherri Says:


    Like you, I am impressed by some of the recent offerings. I called Jo – Anns corporate office and asked if they planned to carry V-8780. Unfortunately not.

    I’ll consider using two different fabrics on the duster– color blocking — from under the bust to the hem. There is not enough coverage of the body form to meet their stringent standards in Qatar and UAE. So, perhaps make a tunic with a complementary hem shape to the duster. Any suggestions?


    • sewingplums Says:

      Thanks for the comment Sherri. Interesting idea about the colour blocking – which can work well with patterns that have many sections like V 8780. I think any length top under it would work well, so long as it’s clearly either shorter or longer than the jacket. Could be either straight or curved hem. More ‘special’ with a curved hem !

  3. Hi, all! Has anyone successfully created the vest/coat from Vogue’s V8775? It seems a step (or more) are missing to me (and my mother) 😦
    Thank you,

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