Peek at a Preview

The UK Elle January issue has arrived – preview of the preview for next season. . .

Colours – head to toe white or very light colours.
Or colour blocking of bright colours. (They’ve been telling us to do colour blocking for several seasons now, but I haven’t yet seen anyone dressed this way.)

Shapes – trouser suits (jacket and pants in the same fabric).
UK Elle are going for high waisted wide legged pants (definitely not flattering for me).
Cuffed short shorts worn with a tailored jacket.
Low calf or longer skirts. (People round here do wear these, but it’s a university area so they wear them whether it’s fashionable or not 😀 ).
Transparent fabric up to the neck over a very un-sexy looking all-covered-up bra.

Not much different from the preview I posted earlier.
(Baby prams/ strollers are competitive fashion items round here – I have seen a chartreuse one 😀 )

Meanwhile, more urgent than fashion – Happy Holiday preparations to all.

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  1. Nancy Says:

    I have noticed a lot of white in the movies lately. Helen Miren wore a long white dress in RED and Angenlina Jolie in The Tourist. Even Johnny Depp wore a white tux in The Tourist.

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