Which are your favourite early winter 2010 patterns ?

I’m going to take the easiest approach to being current in the coming winter, and just pick the early season BMV patterns I like.

Which of this new season’s patterns (Butterick, McCall’s, Simplicity, Vogue) would make you feel and look happy, comfortable, and at your best ?

If you were allowed to pick only one pattern for a jacket, one for a dress, one for a blouse/ top, etc., from these pattern collections, irrespective of what anyone else might think or say, which would it be ?
If it wouldn’t flatter your body shape or fit into your lifestyle or your sewing skills :
– what would be similar that would be possible ?
– are there some details that you could use ?
– what is it about the style that you especially like ?
Keep your choice a secret if you want to 😀

I’m picking from the early season patterns issued June-July. There has already been an August issue from Butterick, and more patterns are due from McCall’s on Monday !

– – –

My choices include Butterick 5498 for a vest.


I might round off the corners of the front shapes. Lots of potential in this pattern, sleeveless or sleeved, a choice of collars and lapels.

For my one choice for a knit jacket, there’s McCall’s 6168.


Another pattern with several choices. The wrap style suits my need to keep my upper chest warm, better than the V-neck cardigan styles.

And the McCall’s 6167 shirt.


I think the dropped corners would be alright alone or under a classic vest. But to my taste a straight hemmed version would be better under the jacket or this vest.

For a bag, I choose Butterick 5505, which has some backpacks that are more interesting than usual.


When shopping I usually carry a basket. But a backpack is useful when I’m on a bike.

If I was allowed to choose only one pattern, a wardrobe, it would be new Burda 7453 (sorry I can’t get a link to work).


– – –

My choices from the early season BMV patterns don’t make a complete wardrobe, so here are some others to fill the gaps.

My preferred pants are always the same style – faced waist, back zip, tapered leg. That suits my shape, so I won’t be changing. An absolute basic, like the narrower pants in Vogue 2779.


But there are several current pant styles, which I’m planning a post on.

My outerwear is nearly always a hooded parka, waterproof for summer, padded for winter. Happily parkas are in style this season. However there aren’t many fashion parka patterns available.

Of course it’s easy to find patterns for true protective gear parkas, see Jalie especially 2108, 2008, and the Green Pepper Oregon jacket,

It’s patterns for fashion parkas that are missing at the moment. Probably there are some in preparation. Burda is usually good for them. I have old favourites from Burda magazines (January 2008 and 2009). But even Burda haven’t got parkas currently in their main catalogue.

I like Burda 7750, discontinued but available for download.


I very rarely have reason to wear a skirt or dress, and don’t need to add to my old standbys.

– – –

Add my favourite thick big sweaters when they’re needed for warmth. This is a quiet version of what magazine editors call the ‘country’ or ‘layered’ look for this winter 2010 season.

Not what I would have chosen if I was still working. Not work/ party/ impress people clothes. But these suit me now. I would like wearing them, and they would fit in right well round here.

That’s only 4 out of nearly 70 new patterns, so your choices are probably very different from mine.

Have fun with the possibilities.
Did you get any surprises 😀

– – –

Patterns and links available August 2010

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  1. RuthieK Says:

    There’s a parka pattern and several coat patterns in the August Burda. I’m not planning on buying any new patterns right now as I have loads in many styles already

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